You will not find any shortage of different topics all over social media that seems to be popping out every so often. One subject in particular that is able to capture the interest of a huge number of individuals is food. Why is food such a hot topic on social media today?

The reason behind this huge increase in popularity is that ultimately food is a universal subject – it’s the digital equivalent of commenting on the weather. Whenever some posts food related posts and pictures, we can’t help but react how well or bad the food was prepared. Food does indeed spark discussions which can be a very good conversation starter to some. This is the reason why the number of food accounts on social media has been increasing rapidly along with their fans and followers. Popular Sydney cafe twitter accounts have arisen following the trends and innovation of the world. As such, you will not have any trouble finding food related posts over the social media any time soon as they are quite of an abundant.

Employees also often talk about food on a regular basis just like the weather. These short and simple topics often create huge discussions in the process which is great as it can help deal with dead air or awkward silences during a conversation. The likes of, “how was your lunch?” or something related to that becomes the usual conversation starter to some. In fact workers sharing office food photos on Office 365 has become quite a regular phenomenon with tons of pictures being shared over the internet from day to day.

As mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of social media profiles that have amassed a large number of followers in the internet. For instance, Whole Foods Market who delivers delicious tweets from Whole Foods Market HQ in Austin, TX and its twitter account has reached 4.79 million followers as of the time of writing which is pretty impressive for a social media profile that focuses only on food. Another fine example is NYT Food’s twitter profile that has reached 748k followers as of the time of writing as well. You can just imagine how many online users are able to view their post as they share and retweet them to their friends and loved ones.

Instagram is also another social media platform that has quite made a name for itself. This one in particular focuses primarily on picture related posts which works quite well when you add in food as a subject matter. As such, the likes of New fork city which is a great play of words has amassed quite a number of fans reaching up to 498k followers. Being able to see photos about food makes the overall experience more engaging and fun. Followers can then proceed to talk about how they want to savor the taste as well.

Since food is a universal language, the language is not an issue for one to like a particular food posts even when it is located in a different country. If you yourself are a food enthusiasts and want to see great looking dishes all over the world, perhaps you may want to follow social media profiles that focuses on food as well.