Creating the Perfect Gourmet Kitchen

by Sese Kittre

The kitchen is no longer the abode of Ma and Pa Kettle, it is no longer a backwater for cups of tea and kitchen table contemplation. Today’s kitchen is a fast-paced faux commercial operation, where gleaming stainless steel is the order of the day. Culinarily inspired home cooks are strutting their stuff with plenty of appliance bling on hand. Gas ranges with 8 to 10 burners. Ovens with multiple cooking style options. Practical double sinks with restaurant kitchen capabilities. Benchtops and splashbacks made of granite, marble and natural stone. Island benches with well-designed storage spaces. Smart fridges that inform their owners with screens for recipes and inventory. Most importantly – plenty of space for food preparation.

Creating the Perfect Gourmet Kitchen

When you are creating the perfect gourmet kitchen, you begin with plenty of space. Then, you design your dream kitchen around a high-end cooking range, complemented by loads of benchtop space and a practical sink. Give your kitchen lots of storage space for both refrigerated ingredients, dry goods and equipment. Do you keep your crockery in the kitchen or in another nearby storage room? On the floor, you want a slip-proof surface that can cope with spills and daily washing. Great lighting is vital in your kitchen, so that you can see what you are doing. Flexible and adjustable lighting options is the way to go.

Kitchens are creative spaces for creative people.

I like to hang my ladles and other large culinary utensils, I feel that it adds lustre and character to a gourmet kitchen. Your kitchen should be your gastronomic temple, where you commune with the essentials of life to produce nourishing food. Epicurus, the ancient Greek philosopher who has lent his name to the term Epicurean, expounded upon the importance of good food and good friends. He was not in favour of overly rich dishes, rather simple fresh things like bread and cheese and veggies. What was essential was eating communally together with loved ones.

Kitchen facelifts are more than just makeovers, they redesign the culinary possibilities in your home life. A kitchen renovation can reinvigorate your family life, your relationship/marriage, and your own health. Creating the perfect gourmet kitchen, begins with a good kitchen fit-out team. Get reliable and talented designers and cabinetmakers working for you. Once they have layed the surfaces and storage spaces for you, then you can adorn your kitchen with the equipment and appliances necessary. Kitchens are creative spaces for creative people. Fore more information about creating the perfect gourmet kitchen of your dream you can visit sydneyrenovationsbathrooms.